Kitesgrove has worked with legendary paint makers Farrow & Ball to create a new and entirely bespoke beautifully deep teal colour – ‘Kitesgrove’ by Farrow & Ball. Embracing a timeless quality, ‘Kitesgrove’ has a rich, complex colour tone for interiors that you want to spend time in and is available exclusively to clients of Kitesgrove.

The nuanced tones within the shade enables the teal to respond characterfully and subtly change its identity in varying lights and contexts. Inspired by nature, it was developed to be sophisticated and timeless, but also bold and dynamic. With green, blue and grey in its palette, this is a flexible hue which complements diverse tones. It works well on its own as a standalone colour for a whole room, or as an accent to highlight a special piece of furniture or statement architectural detailing such as architraves, doors or windows. Neither bright nor brash, the colour sits comfortably in any style of room, not taking over but adding personality, warmth and style.

Farrow & Ball’s richly pigmented paints are created with an uncompromising dedication to quality and the environment, from the responsibly sourced pigments that give the paint its rich colour to its iconic and infinitely recyclable tin.