Kitesgrove has collaborated with esteemed tile brand Bert & May on Irregular, a new tile collection featuring abstract designs in muted tones that marries Bert & May’s soft, timeless look with Kitesgrove’s authentic and nuanced approach to interiors. A shared ethos and passion for craftsmanship and natural materials was the core element of the collaboration and a springboard for the concept design.

Two designs form the collection: Quad and Fragment. With each design the pattern is intended to be repeated or interspersed with solid plain tiles in the same or a complementary colour to intensify or pare back the overall impact. The irregular patterns of the tiles allow for infinite possibilities, and an opportunity to inject a space with personality through bespoke tessellations and configurations.

For the Fragment design, four broken shapes can be aligned to create one larger fragment, or tessellated in an irregular format to create an organic and fluid pattern of smaller silhouettes. The Quad design is made up of four similar designs, each contained within the tile’s border and with a subtle differentiation from the next, allowing for a nuanced yet dynamic tessellation. The versatile colour palette was inspired by the rich landscape of Southern Spain, where the tile company was born.